2004 edition : Objectives

1ère édition de l’UROI

The aim of the Rural University of the Indian Ocean (UROI) was to become a crossroads for analysis and mutual enrichment between national and international experts; a platform for communication between political, economical, social and cultural figures from the islands of the South-Western Indian Ocean (Reunion and other islands).

This first edition of the UROI aimed to develop and reinforce the capacities of the participants to express their opinions, analyse and practise, in a profoundly changing social environment.

The first session of the UROI was the occasion for the citizens of Saint-Joseph to set out their local development projects in the fields of tourism, culture, health and education.

The intention is to create an atmosphere of creativity and reflection in order to develop new local initiatives for inhabitants and entrepreneurs of Saint-Joseph.

The Rural University of the Indian Ocean thus wishes to act as a catalyst, mobilising the local population and making them more dynamic.

Discussion Topics :

- Theme 1 : Spices and food crops
- Theme 2 : Medicinal plants from the Indian Ocean region
- Theme 3 : Tourism, culture and heritage



Three topics are proposed for the next European Rural University, which will take place on 7th, 8th and 9th September 2010 in Saint-Joseph :

- Europe at the service of the rural community and its inhabitants,
- Rural professions for women,
- Culture : between heritage and innovation.

16 November 2009