Theme 2 : Territorial Intelligence and Territorial Marketing


Territorial economical intelligence (or competitor intelligence) is often incompatible with administrative boundaries. Applying this concept in the Deep South of the island, widening it to apply to the area, in an attempt to seek an inter-community spirit, seems to be a relevant approach, on a sufficiently large scale to take into consideration potential local initiatives.

Centres of rural excellence, centres of rural competitiveness... it is, above all, a question of realizing the means we have at our disposal and the possibilities available to us: knowing what we want and what we are capable of achieving. Two approaches are traditionally used in this type of initiative:
- The endogenous: involving the development of knowledge and experiences;
- The exogenous : consolidating the skills and attractions within the area, whilst at the same time encouraging new capacities.

Our knowledge of the territory, our strengths and weaknesses, must lead us to meet the challenge of dealing with inequalities in the development of rural zones and even think of altering their current hierarchy.

One of the keys is the development of both traditional and imaginative economic activities, which could make it possible for artists-engineers and farmers-thinkers to create a new identity for our rural territories.



Three topics are proposed for the next European Rural University, which will take place on 7th, 8th and 9th September 2010 in Saint-Joseph :

- Europe at the service of the rural community and its inhabitants,
- Rural professions for women,
- Culture : between heritage and innovation.

16 November 2009