7th December 2012


8am - 8.30am Welcome :

  • Maison Pour Tous, Les Lianes : Community Centre, Les Lianes (Café 1)
  • Maison de la Ruralité (Café 2)
  • Salle Municipale : Municipal meeting-room, Manapany (Café 3)

Buses for the 3 venues leaving from the Auditorium Harry Payet, departure 7.45am

8.30am - 10am : Café-workshop

Café-workshop 1 : Maison Pour Tous, Les Lianes : «Public E-proximity services»

Certain areas, justifiably referred to as remote, have given Saint Joseph its rural character. Encouraging populations to remain in these areas is a challenge and a priority for the town council.

Several local authorities have set up digital terminals, which can be used by those living in villages and remote areas to communicate by visio-phone with the family support structure, job centres and certain services of the town hall.

Can these E-proximity public services replace personal contact? Can such an initiative be set up in Reunion and does this modern concept of public services need to be adapted? Is it an appropriate response for the remote areas of Saint Joseph and the rural populations of Reunion Island in general?

Café-workshop 2 : Maison de la Ruralité, Langevin : «Digital buses»

Developing digital connections in mountain areas is an ambition very dear to the town council of Saint Joseph, aimed at reducing the digital divide.

Among the projects set up : setting up computer connections in all local primary schools, free access to connections in several locations and setting up three ‘Wifi hotspots’.

The association Grand Coude Coeur proposes to set up a ‘digital bus’, which will go even further, offering itinerant workshops in remote mountain areas, thanks to an itinerant unit equipped with laptop computers with Internet access. The project will make it possible to set up information and communication technology workshops in order to facilitate Internet access for everybody, promoting initiation and awareness and encouraging online services.

Café-workshop 3 : Salle Municipale, Manapany : «Local employment project : How to contribute to connecting supply and demand in respect of local jobs?»

A group of companies in Reunion Island has been selected to set up the ProxEmploi project, a service which will automatically centralise job offers from public structures, temp agencies and private companies, but also individuals.

Access for jobseekers will be of several types (Internet, cellphone, Bluetooth etc) and will enable the latter to be contacted by e-mail or text message as soon as a job offer corresponds to his or her criteria, wherever he or she may be, at home or elsewhere.

Free Internet access through WiFi and Bluetooth, referred to as ProxSpots, will be made available in public places for users who do not have Internet or 3G connections.

The town council aims to open up a pilot site in a remote area and facilitate communication between persons concerned, notably between private individuals, thus developing local employment.

10.45am - 12.45 pm Auditorium Harry Payet

Plenary conference : «Digital communication in the mountain zones»

If developing the use of digital technology is an essential element for the democratisation of the Internet, it cannot take place without there being the infrastructures which can be used by all members of the population.

However, high-speed Internet still does not cover the whole of the island, even though the highly urbanised areas already have very high speed Internet connections.

Saint Joseph, a rural town council, intends to set up an ambitious programme to develop digital connections in mountain areas. During the 2008 Indian Ocean Rural University, there was question of constructing a ‘digital highway in the mountain zones’.

This necessitates first of all setting up coherent digital connections between the rural and urban zones, between mainland France and its islands.

  • 1st part : «Towards the digital development of the territory»
  • 2nd part : «The right to digital access for island territories»

1pm - 3.15 pm Gardens of Manapany

  • Picnic lunch

2.30pm - 3.30pm Auditorium Harry Payet

  • Synthesis of work carried out during the European Rural University 2010

3.30 - 4pm Auditorium Harry Payet

  • Resolutions

4.pm - 4.30pm Auditorium Harry Payet

  • Closing speeches

5.30pm La Passerelle

  • Inauguration of opening of ADSL in the area of La Passerelle

- 5th December 2012

- 6th December 2012



Three topics are proposed for the next European Rural University, which will take place on 7th, 8th and 9th September 2010 in Saint-Joseph :

- Europe at the service of the rural community and its inhabitants,
- Rural professions for women,
- Culture : between heritage and innovation.

16 November 2009