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10th session of the European Rural University

Saint-Joseph became a member of the APURE (Association of European Rural Universities) as early as 2004. Since then, the town council has been fully involved in organising the Indian Ocean Rural University.

St Joseph has always been highly regarded by the other members of the APURE, and on 18th December 2008, the town was officially entrusted with organising the 10th session of the European Rural University.

Thanks to its experience, as well as the dynamic character of the rural population of Reunion, the European Rural University promises to be fully successful. This 10th session, which will be held in St Joseph and other rural areas of the island from 7th to 9th September 2010, will offer those attending, both from Europe and from the Indian Ocean zone, an original approach to an exceptional island.

If the issues facing rural zones are often similar to those of other European regions, as a result of the geographic location and the history of the Reunion, they are also specific in character : the island is a fragment of Europe in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Organised every two years, the Rural University will be the opportunity to bring together members of the rural community of Reunion, the Indian Ocean and Europe, and will provide a platform for exchanges and dialogue for those contributing to the progress of their territory through the initiatives taken.

Three topics will be proposed for this European Rural University in the Indian Ocean :

  • Europe at the service of rural areas and their inhabitants
  • Rural professions and women
  • Cultural development : between heritage and innovation

Saint Joseph wishes a warm welcome to all the militants of the rural world.

Député-Maire de Saint-Joseph



Three topics are proposed for the next European Rural University, which will take place on 7th, 8th and 9th September 2010 in Saint-Joseph :

- Europe at the service of the rural community and its inhabitants,
- Rural professions for women,
- Culture : between heritage and innovation.

16 November 2009